Areas of Expertise

Data Modernization

Increase your Data Performance, Security, Infrastructure Flexibility.

Decrease your Time-To-Market, Operational Costs.

Cloud Transformation

Helping companies to gain the benefits from the Cloud.

Hybrid Clouds and Private Clouds solution engineering.

IT Infrastructure Automation

Improving operational tasks and staff effiency.

IT Staff can be focused on business value-added tasks.

Oracle DB&FMW Licensing

Get valuable insights with our Open Source LMS Cloud.

Take back the negotiation control with Oracle Corporation.

Some of our customers

Database as a Service (DBaaS)

We tailor-made Database-as-a-Service

DBaaS helps companies leveraging and standardizing the most important/confidential infrastructure part to focus on business added-value tasks.

We have collaborated with medium and large organizations to build their DBaaS. As we make available our technology (Dimensigon “DM”) 100% Open Source, written in Python.

LMS Cloud helps you auditing real-time Oracle Database (Including ODA and Exadata) and Fusion Middleware with the minimal deployment effort in the market.

It covers at least 40% more in-detail critical production configurations that may expose your company if you are facing an Oracle Audit without our auxiliary tool.

It is 100% Free and Open Source Stack that it can be extended by an Oracle DBA to analyze further if precise for any Licensable product.

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