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Dimensigon DM – Roadmap

Dimensigon is a real open-source project. We do not have plans for a paid version or extra-cost functionality. All that it is developed, it is available on the master branch in GitHub.

In case you want to share your ideas to help each other building something useful. Let us know. Use the contact form and explain straight to the point your suggestion. Thank you!

Current version

Available features

  • Orchestration versioning
  • Heterogeneous automations
    • Shell support
    • Python Support
    • Orchestration (embedding) Support
    • Native (Request) Support, special actions:
      • Send Software
      • Wait for server, Wait route to servers
      • Delete server
  • Proxying (MESH Networking)
  • Double-encryption¬† (SSL + Encrypted content)
  • DShell
    • Interactive mode
    • Batch mode
    • Manager
      • Save login
      • Distributed Locking management
      • Token generation
      • One-off Catalog refresh (Special action)
    • Action navigation builder CLI
    • Orchestration navigation builder CLI
    • Distribuited Commands (CMD)
  • Log Federation (LogFed)
    • Subscribe to log
    • Subscribe to directory + recursive option
    • Subscribe patterns
  • Software Library
  • “Sync” config files

Next minor version

Foreseen features

  • Improve distributed cluster scalability (always active task)
  • Granule management
    • Creation, Modification, Deletion
  • User management

Next major version

Expected to have

  • ACLs (Access Control Lists per entity)
  • Vault (Configuration Management)
    • Secrets
    • Parameters
    • Auto-generated parameters
    • Sequences
  • Multi-dimensional

Future functionality


  • DM-WebManager (GUI)
    • Drag-and-drop Orchestration builder
    • Distributed commands
    • Executions viewer
    • Software Library

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