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The law – in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DSGVO/LGPD) – requires your consent that we may hold your details and your qualifications in our database and process.

Your consent is easily and quickly granted. The best way to do that right now!

The consent can be revoked at any time with a simple form below. If you have questions about privacy at KnowTrade (“Dimensigon”), please contact us at dpo@knowtrade.eu always at your disposal.

For your data protection


to be included in the Knowtrade database

(A) Consent to data processing

I consent to the personal data that I have provided to Knowtrade Sarl, registered¬† (hereinafter “Knowtrade”) (in the particular surname, first name, address, date of birth, marital status, curriculum vitae, photograph, professional skills and knowledge, certificates and evidence, conditions and accounting information, nationality, work and residence permit, contact details (especially email, telephone, social networks)), also beyond any specific project staffing or any specific application procedure and also after successful cooperation for the duration of the existence of my consent will be processed by Knowtrade in order to present projects to me as a freelancer and/or permanent positions that correspond to my professional profile and my wishes.


Knowtrade may use me for these purposes and/or because of current or project-related news via the contact information provided by me (in particular email, telephone, letter, SMS) as well as via digital channels such as messenger services and message functions in professional social media platforms such as Contact Xing, LinkedIn or Freelance.de and send me information about Knowtrade’s services.

Storage of my personal data

Knowtrade may save my data listed above in an electronic database for the purposes mentioned above. My consent also applies to data about my qualifications and professional activities from generally accessible data sources (in particular from professional social networks) that Knowtrade admits.

Extended perspectives of cooperation in the corporate group

Furthermore, I consent to my personal data mentioned above being transmitted to Knowtrade Sarl and any companies that are later to be affiliated with Knowtrade. I can see a list of these companies at any time at https://www.dimensigon.com/about/ . This is only done, if necessary, for the purpose of offering me existing perspectives for cooperation with these affiliated companies. The regulations of this consent also apply to affiliated companies.

Profile presentation with potential customers

I consent to my personal data being used by Knowtrade to the extent necessary for this (in particular name, qualification, project history or curriculum vitae and certificates, nationality, place of residence and postcode, photograph and year of birth or date of birth) for the purpose of initiating a project staffing or application process to potential Client and/or employer can be passed on.

Voluntary and revocable at any time

My consent to the above data processing is voluntary. Failure to give consent – in whole or in part – has no effect on my consideration in any current application or appointment process.

If I do not give all or part of my consent or withdraw it, Knowtrade may not be able to offer its services to me in the future, or only to a limited extent, proactively.

I can revoke this consent at any time for the future in whole or in part by notifying Knowtrade (e.g. to dpo@Knowtrade.eu).

(B) Additional declaration for special categories of data in accordance with Art. 9 EU GDPR

Insofar as, in documents submitted by me in the application or filling process, I have communicated “special categories of personal data” in accordance with Art. 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation (e.g. a photo that shows the ethnic origin, information about the severely disabled, etc.), my consent also relates to this data. Knowtrade will only evaluate all candidates based on their suitability and qualification and therefore requests that such information or “special categories of personal data” be avoided if possible.

Grant of your consent

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Revocation of your consent

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