A game-changer in Cloud Era

“Blending enhanced Automation and IoT 2.0 to reach new frontiers!”

“Making Elastic your Sofware”

Enjoy a more intelligent IT Infrastructure without exposing your security.

Merge On-Premand multi-Cloud services with ease.

Next Level
for Automation and IoT.

Distributed Architecture. You have full visibility and control.

Deploy now and experience how your company turns more efficient and intelligent. The shortest go-to-market for your solutions.

We can create custom private automation and configuration in any Cloud for you.

Your own application can be self-service when you have a new customer.


When we hear about DIMENSIGON, we first thought that it is required a big transformation but when we actually tried, we saw that it is something so compatible and easy that we felt just an instant upgrade without effort.

Typical Feedback

Comparing Cloud, IaaS, SaaS and DIMENSIGON

Functionality Native Cloud Infrastructure IaaS SaaS DIMENSIGON
Requires Cloud Architect/sDeploying in the Cloud requires somebody that knows which pieces are necessary for a scalable architecture Yes No? No No
Requires Cloud Admin/sDeploying in the Cloud requires somebody that actually prepare the servers and configure your service to run Yes Yes No No
Requires Cloud Operator/sWhile your services are running in the Cloud. You need somebody to keep it going. Add space and solve day-to-day issues Yes Yes No No
Requires Software DeploymentOnce the architecture is ready to host your service, somebody may install your customized software Yes Yes No No
Scaling InIt means when you need to add resources for your App to perform Manually Manually
Scaling outAdding resources to load balance the application. Usually, this is an operation that it is manual, therefore, it is intended to be one-off. As far as you have to make this operation manually, you will be wasting resources in your infrastructure. With Dimensigon, the architecture is ELASTIC whenever you want. Manually Manually
Scaling down DynamicallyWe make the most difficult things easy for you. You can save money at any time, schedule a reduction of cloud resources when you do not need them. Or you can simply allow us the control and we will ensure to meet your target service level.
Distributed ManagementOptional: if you want to administrate the servers remotely, without exposing direct access into your servers is important. It is handy and it saves a lot of time for everybody.
Log FederationCentralizing the logs into 1 server of your choice, so you can analyze them together or share some with some 3rd parties.
Access to your infrastructureThere is no SaaS that allows you to read access your infrastructure to see in detail how everything is working. This level of transparency is also our extra-value and it increases your control and your peace of mind
Check OutNo other can offer you THIS. You can take ownership of your deployed architecture at any time, from having something better than SaaS but at the same time, you have no lock-in with us at all. Simply make whatever you want.

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