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Get Elastic!

Simple reason Time To Market

Time is money and your time is precious for your company

The average request time inside a company for a new environment is usually too high for the development department.

At the end, the DevOps had to work hard but they are usually not used to provision Production-like environments.

They still have to count on a very big budget for DevOps when it might not be that necessary.

We are!

Unbeatable TCO for your infrastructure

Let’s do the numbers.

We are used to provision a large number of environments and this is our business.

It allows you to run production-ready applications without thinking if you need a team or if your team is overloaded already.

At any time, you can check out but meanwhile…

You can just enjoy the ride and stay pain-free at the best cost.

Traditional Cloud


Elastic Cloud


Distribute Management

Unlock the power of Mesh Hybrid Multi-Cloud Management seamlessly.

Inherit our automation and best practices for managed services on checkout.

Provisioning, Storing Secrets and having an enterprise-wide standard to control all kind orchestrations.

Being able to launch very complex polyglot orchestrations between non-directly connected environments: On-Demand, based on events or however you can imagine it.

The power is here, it is called Dimensigon (DM).

Do I need to bother my Operations Team for burstable instances?

Burstable ~= Used for temporary high-load peaks


How can I create XXX databases in a short time?

Easy peasy … 1 form, quantity XXX and you have them in minutes.

Deployed in parallel, ready-to-go.

Now I have my new release running.

Let’s move it to production.

Can I hand over this infrastructure to my Operations Team?


Yes, at any time. No lock-in.

Do you need to become an Infrastructure Expert to develop an Enterprise-grade Application?

Many new technologies are emerging and IT Departments cannot intake them all as fast as it is required to perform your next strategic transformation.

With Dimensigon, you can start using these tasty new technologies without scratching your head about Architecture or Scalability.

What do you have in mind?

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