Why is DIMENSIGON so great?

Real scalable architecture with a mouse-click

The most important thing it is not only to deploy automatically but to adapt your infrastructure along the way your application works. Scale-out, Scale-in are part of our automation routines. As well, the solutions we promote in our website support shrink operations, making significant cost savings on your side.

A more intelligent IT Infrastructure

With Dimensigon, every server becomes much more intelligent and easy to manage. No matter where it is, on your data center, truly isolated or in the Cloud, It is going to be easier to administer remotely what you want to do with your server without having direct access to it.

1 Component to raise your possibilities

What if 1 component simpler than a typical Agent can empower your whole infrastructure to the next level?

It is the new way of administering services, creating them, evolving microservices and shorten the path for application integration anywhere.

A revolutionary idea

“Automation has never been that good!”

“Easier than any as-a-Service we tried…”

“As simple as e-commerce but production-ready”

Technology  Manifesto

August 2017, Zurich, Switzerland.

In the current technology landscape, we observe several deep problems that make companies to adapt themselves into a direction that we see it wastes a lot of the potential they have.

Making Lift-and-Shift to the Cloud, it does not mean you had performed a Cloud Transformation within your company. The main benefit of the Cloud is Elasticity, this allows to your services to expand them when necessary and shrink them when the workload is smaller. People use to think in the Cloud with a tradicional mindset about Architecture, allocating fixed resources and letting them run forever. Our motivation in this aspect is to design architectures that support elasticity and through this, achieving the highest level of efficiency in the Cloud.

There are another two main aspects that are missleading innovation and we need to clarify.

Automation.  Most companies are using automation and they can say they had “fully automated” their IT Infrastructure. The actual solutions to automation are centralized, repository-based. This leads to companies to make a hard decision between exposing their security and interconnecting all servers to the repository or to execute automation locally at 1 single server. The problem becomes even stronger when companies follow the trend of hybrid cloud with multiple cloud vendors and the technologies for Automation inside a company are growing, making the day-to-day management far more complicated. At the end, this situation leads to “yes” you have automation, but “yes” you expend a lot of time to set all the necessary pre-requisites for your automation to run.

In this aspect, we can help by eliminating the main pain points that makes companies to expend a lot of resources and/or finally complicate themselves. Our philosophy about automation is not “one-off” automation but Continuous Automation in the sense that all possible operations are automated and executed remotely.

The three points mentioned above, centralized architecture of automation systems, direct repository to server connectivity (within its security implications) and the “one-off” automation philosophy that it is currently spread over the IT field, they are the 3 main grounded reasons to push harder into a new direction where we are the world-first innovators and we based our Cloud Stack.

We evolve Automation to a decentralized system that it does not require direct point-to-point connection and works through our own Mesh network algorithms. This is a giant leap in the possibilities we have to bring our services to you.

Internet of Things. IoT is a trend topic nowadays, but it is not yet implemented to regular IT networks with servers and it is reserved more to the field of Smart Buildings, Cities, etc. The current architecture had two main weak points that we had improved. The dependency on the IoT Hub to operate, meaning the IoT repository and situations of split-brain. And the brainlessness or lack of awareness of the endpoints.

To counterattack these two points, we had developed our Software to enrich the endpoints with intelligence and making a more decentralized or distributed IoT/Automation Cloud Foundation.


Therefore, making your infrastructure with us, it is not only deployment your own *-as-a-Service infrastructure but making your company more efficient about resources, more secure regarding network and your servers more intelligent and interconnected (with top security).

“We evolve the concepts of Automation and IoT, in order to create something unique and easier to manage.”


Dimensigon – Made in Switzerland with Love.