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Dimensigon (DM)

Our backend open source Python technology to orchestrate elastic services

Distributed-Decentralized Automation-IoT RESTful technology

The first node

– Creating the DIMENSION –


Let’s install the pre-requisites in the first node. Use YUM or APT.

apt-get update -y
apt-get install -y \
firewalld python3 python3-dev python3-venv python3-pip \
libffi-dev libssl-dev autoconf build-essential python3-wheel


Create own user and virtual environment for Python

useradd -s /bin/bash -m dimensigon
su - dimensigon -c "python3 -m venv -- prompt dimensigon venv"
su - dimensigon -c "echo 'source ~/venv/bin/activate' >> .bash_profile"
su - dimensigon -c "pip install wheel"


Add this to your sudoers file (visudo command)

# Dimensigon - DM Core
Defaults:dimensigon !requiretty


Install Dimensigon “DM” Python Package

It includes, DM Core and DShell.

su - dimensigon -c "pip install dimensigon"


We need to create the “Dimension

A Dimension is a logical group of all servers that can be managed with DM.

su - dimensigon
dimensigon new


Time to start Dimensigon!

It can be started in foreground or background or as a service.

dimensigon --daemon

Joining the DIMENSION


From the first node as in the future from any node belonging to the DIMENSION.

Generate a token for the other nodes to join.

It has 15 minutes as default expire time, modifiable through a parameter.

For all commands in dimensigon or dshell, use “-h” for help.

# 3 Options, we explain the 2 most simple here
# 1) From command line, using "dimensigon" main program.
dimensigon token

# 2) From DShell.
 root.dshell> manager token
# 3) Through RESTful from another machine.


Manual JOIN Operation in this basic tutorial.
(Automatic example here)

In your new server, follow steps 1 and 2 to install Dimensigon in the next servers, and before starting it (step 4), perform the join as follows.

Specify the server name of any server already part of the dimension, as for example, the first we had created.

dimensigon join <server-name-already-in-dm> <token>

Security can be implemented at several levels, including “sudoers” per machine.

For more complex topics, refer to the Documentation.

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